Regal Wedding Decoration Ideas

Published: 10th February 2012
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Not only is it fun to attend fancy parties and functions, itís also fun to host them. When hosting a party you want to make sure your event has that extra edge so that your party is memorable. Now, when it comes to impressing your friends and family that may seem like a difficult task, but it doesnít have to be. When you decide on a theme and how you want to decorate your party, more than half of the work can be done with the right decorating pieces. Remember, itís all about the little details.

Fit for a Queen

If you want that royal and regal feel to your event, youíll first want to adorn your chairs with the right kind of chair covers. For a beautiful designed look, and with the right amount of sheen, you cannot go wrong with the Ivy Pattern Ivory Damask Covers. The ivy pattern on the cover exudes the right amount of elegance for your function hall, and adds sophistication to your event.

If you do want your chair covers to have a more fluid feel, you can always go with a very regal Pleated Damask Cover with Bow Chair Cover. The cover fits perfectly over any chair back and ends at the bottom of the chair in a nice flowing skirt.

For the bride and groom, you definitely will not want to ignore the Ruched Lycra Chair Covers. This chair cover is the epitome of royal elegance. The texture and design will leave your guests mesmerized.

The Details in the Accessories

There are numerous ways to accessorize your chairs when it comes to hosting a regal event. From your tiebacks, to your sashes, to your diamante buckles, each and every piece and fabric texture will add an extra stylishness to your event.

For beautifully fluid and ravishing chair cover accessories, youíll want to check out the Liquid Gold Tiebacks. Gold tiebacks are the epitome of royal decor, as the gold liquid colour of this chair back adds a flawless look to your function hall. The vibrant colour and shine leaves your guests in awe of this elegant addition to your chairs.

If you donít necessarily want to cover the entire top half of your chair, you may want to look into some chair cover sash options available here. The Satin Sashes are bold and beautiful. Their sheen and flawless texture adds style to your hall.

Other regal sashes include the Pin Tuck Sashes and the Taffeta Sashes. Each of these pieces is elegant and unique. The White Pin Tuck Sash is hand sewn and the wonderful edges and elegant draping are a sight for sore eyes. The various coloured Taffeta Sashes are luxurious and elegant. They are crisp and regally vibrant, giving off a slight sheen. These crease resistant sashes will leave your guests wanting more.

Table Decor

For those regal table decor ideas, youíll want to check out the Crushed Velvet Table Cloths or the Pin Tuck Taffeta Table Cloths. The velvet gives depth to any table and allows you to easily accessories the table top, giving you a solid base. The Pin Tuck Taffeta has a beautiful texture and comes in wonderful colours to give your even t the style it deserves.

In addition to your table clothes, you can look into some beautiful table runners and napkin rings to add that extra regal touch.

If you do want your chair covers to have a more fluid feel, you can always go with Taffeta Sashes. The various coloured Taffeta Sashes are luxurious and elegant.

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